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e’re so much more than the average real estate recruitment agency.

We don’t just find perfect matches. We create them. Entry Education holds the name as Australia’s leading real estate academy, which means we train people at all levels of the real estate industry. This makes it easy for us to find the best candidates to meet the needs of agencies in Melbourne and across Australia.

Whether it’s property management, marketing, commercial or residential sales, we have the talent to take your agency to the next level. How do we know this? Easy – we trained them. When you know real estate as well as we do, you know how to teach the skills – and, of course, you know what makes a great salesperson or property manager. We live and breathe real estate, with some of the best noses for talent in the business. As a trusted real estate recruitment agency, sourcing premium quality real estate talent is our specialty.

The Entry real estate recruitment difference

Entry Education, our sister company, is one of Australia’s leading real estate training institutes. It’s a registered training organisation (RTO No. 41529) renowned for producing high-achieving real estate professionals at every level of the industry throughout the country.

Our students come to us with a passion for real estate. We take their enthusiasm and add the skills and expertise they require to advance in their careers. Doing this has helped us generate a nationwide network of property professionals, which means that we can place the right person in the right job, anywhere across Australia.

Working in the industry, you’ve likely found that professional knowledge and expertise are essential to success in real estate. At Entry Recruitment, we emphasise and source other qualities that are equally as important. Authenticity and ethics are at the core of everything we do. We believe that when real estate professionals act authentically and ethically, they attract strong client loyalty, which is the key to ongoing success.

Real Estate Student

Real estate recruitment

Entry Recruitment is Melbourne’s leading boutique real estate recruitment agency. We specialise in finding real estate agencies a new team member with a wealth of talent and passion for the industry. For agencies looking for a new team member, we’ll find the best fitting candidate for you, as our candidate database is loaded with world-class applicants.

We have job candidates for sales, property management, buyers advocate, property management and other industry roles, including temporary positions and contracts.
Real estate talent recruitment is what we do best.

Why we’re a perfect match

We don’t believe that one size fits all. Real estate agencies come in many different shapes and sizes. That’s why we spend time understanding your business before we search for your ideal job candidate.

We seek to match both job requirements and company culture because we want your new employee to fly high, fit in and stay in the job. Put your talent recruitment in our hands – your real estate professionals. We’ll look after you.


Frequently asked questions

How do I find good real estate talent?

It’s true what they say – finding good, reliable talent is no easy feat in the industry of real estate. While you can post on job boards and sniff out your connections, nothing comes close to having a dedicated resource to find the right person, for the right job.

If you’re looking to find good property or real estate talent in Australia, Entry Recruitment is here to help. With a wealth of experience in operating in, training, and now recruiting in the real estate industry, we’re the experts when it comes to finding highly skilled professionals.

Why should I use an agency for real estate recruitment?

Recruiters are essential to businesses looking to get only the highest quality applicants for their openings. Through a recruiter, all the tough conversations are completed already. Recruiters both sell your company as a brand, and match your offering to their network of candidates that best meets your values. Most real estate agencies today will not have their openings immediately available on traditional job boards.

If you are a real estate agency not using a specialised real estate recruitment agency, you are missing out on finding the best applicants as they are being offered to other agencies with a more proactive recruitment program.

Don’t let your business fall behind, do your research, and get to know the quality recruitment process of Entry Recruitment. You’ll end up with candidates that are more fitting to your operations and often progress quickly through the ranks.

What kind of roles can you help me to fill?

As a dedicated real estate recruitment company, we work exclusively with agencies and real estate talent. This means that we can help you to find the perfect real estate agents, property managers, sales associates, leasing agents, and experts working across both residential and commercial property. We can even provide temporary recruitment solutions for those that need flexible staffing. Whether you require talent with years of experience or are looking to fill a couple of graduate roles, we’ve got you covered.

Why choose Entry Recruitment?

Entry Recruitment is a real estate recruitment agency with a deep understanding of the nature of the industry and how to best match applicants to the best openings. Our in-depth knowledge of each role requirement in the industry helps match our candidates into the best suited roles to help both businesses and employees’ flourish.

How can we continually pair our candidates to the best jobs? Because we trained them for it! Entry Education trains top-drawer real estate talent that are often interested in being matched with agencies across Melbourne and wider Australia. We remain in contact with our graduates as they advance through their real estate careers. This enables us to locate the quality candidates you need because they’re part of the Entry Education and Recruitment family.

Where is Entry recruitment located?

Whilst our head office is based in Melbourne, Entry Recruitment has a database of applicants that stretches across all of Australia. Great recruitment has its foundation in an extensive network of prospective applicants. That’s why through our contacts across the country, we are best positioned to find a candidate for any role, no matter where.

Find us in Brisbane at Level 54, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000, or in Melbourne at Level 4, 150 Albert Road, South Melbourne, VIC 3205.

Why is workplace culture important for real estate?

We do more than match skills and qualifications with job requirements. We recognise that exceptional workplace culture is crucial to employee retention. We strive to match the values of a company with those of the potential employee because it unites people around shared beliefs. Good team culture leads to office harmony.

When people collaborate, share knowledge, and communicate effectively, they thrive as a team. Part of what makes our real estate recruitment agency the best, is we know the importance of finding a prospective employee that will gel with your team, and not someone that only meets other qualities.

Choose a dedicated real estate recruitment agency

At Entry Recruitment, we put the right person in the right job, no matter the specialty. So, whether you’re looking for a new candidate in residential, commercial, or the marketing sector for your business, we can find you a candidate. We can even adapt our search to find more temporary solutions for managers looking for a flexible staffing solution for their business. Our extensive database can be matched with employment opportunities of any nature, and all come with our endorsement.

Entry Recruitment

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