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e’re so much more than the average real estate recruitment agency.
We don’t just find perfect matches, we create them.
As a leading real estate academy, we train people at all levels of the real estate industry.
This makes it easy for us to find the best candidates to meet the needs of agencies in Melbourne and across Australia.
Whether it’s property management, marketing, commercial or residential sales, we have the people who will take your agency to the next level.
How do we know this? Because we trained them!
When you know real estate as well as we do, you know how to teach the skills – and, of course, you know what makes a great sales person or property manager.
We live and breathe real estate, and we have one of the best noses for talent in the business. Premium quality real estate recruitment is our specialty.

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The Entry real estate recruitment difference

Entry Education, our sister company, is one of Australia’s leading real estate training institutes. It’s a registered training organisation (RTO No. 41529) renowned for producing high-achieving real estate professionals at every level of the industry throughout the country.

Our students come to us with a passion for real estate. We take their enthusiasm and add the skills and expertise they need to advance in their careers. This has generated a nation-wide network of property professionals, and that means we can place the right person in the right job.

Professional knowledge and expertise are essential to success in the real estate industry, but at Entry Recruitment we emphasise other qualities as well. Authenticity and ethics are at the core of everything we do. We believe that when real estate professionals act in an authentic and ethical way, they attract strong client loyalty, and this is the key to ongoing success.

Entry Education trains top-drawer real estate talent and these professionals are often interested in being matched with agencies across Melbourne and wider Australia.

We remain in contact with our graduates as they advance through their real estate careers. This enables us to locate the quality candidates you need because they’re part of the Entry Education and Recruitment family.

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Real estate recruitment

Entry Recruitment is Melbourne’s leading boutique real estate recruitment specialist.
If your real estate agency is looking for a new team member, then we’ll find that person for you. Our candidate database is loaded with star candidates.

We have job candidates for sales, property management, buyers advocate, property management and other industry roles, including temporary positions and contracts.
Real estate talent recruitment is what we do best.

Why workplace culture is important

We do more than match skills and qualifications with job requirements.
We recognise that good workplace culture is crucial to employee retention. We strive to match the values of a company with those of the potential employee because it unites people around common beliefs.

Good team culture leads to office harmony. When people collaborate, share knowledge and communicate effectively, they thrive as a team. Finding somebody that fits easily into your team is just as important as the other qualities we seek to match.

Why we’re a perfect match

We don’t believe that one size fits all. Real estate agencies come in many different shapes and sizes.

That’s why we spend time understanding your business before we search for your ideal job candidate. We seek to match both job requirements and company culture because we want your new employee to fly high, fit in and stay in the job.

Put your talent recruitment in our hands – your real estate professionals. We’ll look after you.

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