Australia’s residential property market is worth $10.2 trillion. It’s no wonder work in real estate has become an attractive career pathway for many ambitious professionals across the country. Not only can real estate be a financially lucrative endeavour, but it also offers a sense of freedom, empowerment, and social reward that few jobs can match.

If you are intrigued by the work of a real estate agent and feel it could be the right career for you, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, we’ll unpack the why, what, and how of work in real estate, including the qualifications you need and how to land your dream position. Let’s get started.

Why work in real estate?

People from all walks of life find themselves attracted to a career in real estate for a whole host of reasons. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Financial rewards. Real estate agents don’t have a capped income. You can build an extremely financially rewarding real estate empire with the right approach, dedication, and an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Community involvement. Real estate agents, property managers, and others working in real estate become figureheads of their community. They build relationships with residents and help locals realise their property ownership dreams.
  • Flexibility and freedom. For many real estate agents, their day-to-day is a far cry from a traditional nine to five. Agents rarely spend their entire workday in front of their computer – they host open homes, visit clients, coordinate photographers, and so on. Plus, principals, directors, and independent agents often have the freedom and flexibility to design their own work schedules.

work in real estate

Want to work in real estate? Education comes first

Like most professions, if you want to land a real estate role, you’ll have to invest in your education and work experience in real estate first. The tricky thing with real estate education is it varies from state to state – the courses you’ll need to take will depend on where you live and where you plan to work. For example, if you want to work in Queensland but become a qualified agent in NSW, you may not be able to operate. For this reason, you must enrol in the right training courses.

To give you a taste of what it takes to become a qualified and licensed real estate agent, let’s take a closer look at the education requirements in New South Wales and Victoria.

Real estate education in NSW

To start, you’ll need to complete an Assistant Agent course, which comprises five units of study. When complete, you are ready to apply for a licence to work as an assistant agent. In this role, you’ll gain work experience in real estate under the guidance of a licensed agent.

To reach the next level of your career, you’ll need to earn a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CP41419). This allows you to secure a Class 2 Licence NSW, enabling you to work as a real estate agent but not run your own agency. To take the next step and become your own boss, you’ll need to undertake the Diploma of Property (Agency Management) (CPP51119). This earns you a Class 1 Licence NSW and allows you to run your own agency or work as a principal or director.

What about annual training?

In NSW, annual training called continuing professional development (CPD) is compulsory. The topics you’ll need to cover will depend on the type of licence you hold. You can also dive into elective topics to strengthen your industry understanding and keep pace with new and emerging trends. Each topic takes about three hours to complete.

Real estate education in VIC

Victoria’s real estate industry is home to two distinct roles: an entry-level position as an agent’s representative and a fully-licensed real estate agent.
To become an agent’s representative, you’ll need to earn a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419). After passing all 18 units of study, you can submit your application for a licence with the Business Licensing Authority in Victoria.

To become a fully-licensed real estate agent, you’ll need to complete the Diploma of Property Agency Management (CPP51119), comprising 12 study units. Keep in mind that Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice is a prerequisite for the Diploma of Property Agency Management.

Real estate education in Australia

Australia’s other states and territories have their own set of rules and education requirements. For more information about the qualifications you’ll need in your state, read our article, How to become a real estate agent in Australia.

Fast and flexible real estate education

You know you need to undertake a course or two to realise your real estate dreams. Now what? Your life is already busy, and the thought of squeezing yet another commitment is daunting. The good news: Entry Education is not only a leading provider of real estate courses in Australia, but it also offers self-paced courses you can take in the comfort of your own home in your own time.

Here are some of the game-changing benefits of choosing Entry Education to kick-start your real estate career:

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  • Connect with industry leaders and experts via face-to-face Zoom workshops.
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Finding a job in real estate

Once qualified, it’s time to find work experience in real estate. The best way to ensure you land a dream position in an area of real estate that aligns with your goals is to enlist the help of an industry-specific recruitment agency.

Entry Recruitment is the country’s leader in recruitment agencies for real estate jobs. With a robust industry network and nuanced understanding of what employers are looking for, Entry Recruitment makes securing an enviable position quick and easy.

Ready to work in real estate?

Work in real estate is challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling. Start your journey today. Get qualified with Entry Education and then find a job you love with Entry Recruitment. When you take on the work of a real estate agent, the possibilities are limitless.