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ave you struggled to find quality employees for your real estate agency? You’ve come to the right place.

Based in Melbourne, Entry Recruitment is one of Australia’s leading real estate recruitment companies. We specialise in matching the right real estate talent with the right agency jobs.

Whether it’s property management, commercial or residential sales, marketing, buyer’s advocacy, or owner’s corporation management, we can help you to find the perfect candidate for your role.

We’ll find the candidate with right professional skills, who will also fit seamlessly into your agency. Our resources include a mighty real estate database and a tremendous network of real estate professionals. We’re brimming with talent!

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Our team of real estate recruitment professionals is ready to help you find the perfect candidate.

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Michael Dewar

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Andrew Dewar

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What sets Entry Recruitment apart?

Here’s why we’re the place to go for top-notch real estate talent.

First and foremost, real estate recruitment is the only thing Entry Recruitment does. It’s our one and only specialty.

We’re laser-focused on the property industry. This keeps our fingers on the pulse of the real estate sector and enables us to adapt to emerging trends.

When you know the real estate industry as well as we do, you know what makes a great salesperson and property manager. That knowledge and experience give Entry Recruitment an edge in understanding the needs of our clients and meeting them every time.

We’re a one-stop shop

While we work to place hand-picked candidates in some of Australia’s best real estate agencies, our sister company Entry Education is one of the country’s leading real estate training institutes.

Entry Education provides rigorous training that perfectly assesses candidates’ skills and motivations in order to succeed in their roles in the industry. Having both ends of the real estate industry covered, we’re well immersed in the needs and wants of both employers and employees. Talent recruitment comes naturally when you’re already at the coalface training the next generation of real estate professionals.

In a nutshell, we know the best professionals in the business because we trained them. We have a deep understanding of the skills, expertise and cultural fit required to thrive in our industry.

We know real estate best

The real estate professionals we put forward as candidates are carefully selected for their knowledge and experience. They know the industry backwards and forwards and are skilled at their jobs. Entry Education’s graduates are already proving we’re the best in the business.

Members of the Entry Recruitment team are all experienced in the real estate industry themselves, each possessing their own deep and intimate understanding of the industry.

But there’s more. We recognise that other skills equally important when filling a new role. For example, whether a candidate will fit your team culture or workplace culture, whether they share the same values as your agency, or if they’re able to fill the communication requirements of the role.

Extensive industry occupation knowledge and well-established connections are part of our exceptional real estate recruitment. We know how jobs are designed, and we evaluate skills to meet these parameters. Entry Recruitment goes above and beyond the standard for a recruiting agency, ensuring the find you the best candidates that will add tangible value to your growing business.

Give yourself more time to focus on the business

As a business owner, your daily schedule is more than likely taken up with tasks of a higher priority than the processes involved in onboarding. Let a team of experts take care of finding the best candidates for you role, while you get on with working on your business.

We offer suitable candidates to our clients rapidly, and often they will have already completed interviews, qualifications evaluated, and references checked. Our database also sees constant updates about the history and capabilities of our candidates. Meaning you will not need to worry about receiving inaccurate or unfavourable resumes put in front of you.

Save yourself hours of arduous recruitment administration when it comes to hiring staff. Let Entry Recruitment take care of it for you and put forward the best applicant.

Our dedication to talent recruitment excellence

At Entry Recruitment, we realise that every candidate we put forward is a reflection of our company. If they succeed in their role, that means we’ve succeeded as well.

Not only do we care deeply about finding the right role, but we’re marketing experts. We’ll provide an accurate representation of your business, ensuring all candidates are well informed of the opportunities presented.

We’re in business to help your business succeed, and every successful placement represents a vote of confidence in Entry Recruitment.

Our real business is you!


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