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Have you got the qualifications needed?

To secure employment, for real estate agents, you will need to have certain qualifications depending on the State you are in. If you haven’t completed those qualifications, we can help. Our sister company, Entry Education is one of the country’s leading real estate training institutes.

Entry Education helps unlock your potential in real estate with no fuss, no pressure and after-hours support.

Enrol and study your real estate licence online without mountains of paperwork, stress, or unachievable deadlines.

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Finding employment in real estate

Considering a job in the real estate industry? Once you’ve received your qualifications, you can expect a dynamic and complex work environment.

The industry is in a current state of strong growth, which is predicted to continue. Employment for real estate focuses on continually learning whilst on the job to be able to compete at a high level and understand the demands of the housing market.

Being able to respond to the external influences of the economy, interest rates, and statistics like employment rates – that’s all part of the gig. Entry Recruitment support candidates with an understanding of the nuances of the industry and who can operate with confidence in the sphere.

The independent nature of the real estate industry requires agents to have strong self-motivation. The harder any agent works, the more they will achieve. If you are driven, focused, able to meet performance benchmarks, personable, and autonomous, then you have the key indicators of a successful real estate agent.

No matter which sector of the real estate industry you operate within, you will need a comprehensive understanding of property and the laws around it. A large part of employment for Real Estate agents involves administrative work, including drafting contracts as well as keeping clients informed over legal obligations and rights. Agents act legally on their behalf, and there is a significant level of responsibility assumed as an agent.

Entry recruitment candidates

Finding Employment for Real Estate Agents is our speciality. With a comprehensive network of candidates, a significant amount emerging from the thorough tutelage of our sister business, Entry Education, we continually find relevant employment for anyone searching.

Partnering with Entry Recruitment increases your chances of finding a job. We contact our network of potential employers before roles are even made public on recruitment boards. Roles that match your strengths, qualifications, and salary desires will be sent to you before they are made public.

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